benefits of joining a ski lease

Benefits of a ski lease:

  • You have your own Tahoe vacation home for the entire ski season.
  • Convenience of being able to leave all personal belongings and ski gear instead of packing and repacking for every trip.
  • Peace of mind knowing you have a place to stay for weekends and holidays when hotel rates are expensive. Having a ski lease saves you (1) money over the long term and (2) the hassle of booking hotel and lodging during popular periods such as holidays.
  • A great perk with the ability to invite guests and entertain in your own ski lease home.
  • Save money by being able to BBQ or cook your own meals.
  • Sleep in your own bed and have the ability to do laundry.

Do you have a season pass or plan to buy one? Would you like to put your season pass to maximum use by logging as many days as you can? Consider joining a ski lease for lodging convenience and save money over the long run.

Let’s say the average ski lease membership costs about $1,200 for five months, from Dec. 1 to April 30. Let’s say you ski/ride for three weekends a month(or 6 days a month) or a total of 30 days for the season; the cost would break down to $40 per day. That’s inexpensive(a great value) compared to weekend hotel rates in Lake Tahoe which typically cost $80 or more on the weekends and significantly more expensive on holiday weekends. It’s easy to find out whether joining a ski lease is viable or not by figuring out how many total days you plan to ski/ride over the entire season; using that number to divide by the cost of joining the ski lease which will give you a per day cost.

In addition, becoming a member of a ski lease is a great way to expand your social circle, meet people to ski/ride with, share transportation expenses to Tahoe and make new friends.

Read our ski lease guide for some useful tips and advice on organizing a ski lease.

Looking to join a Tahoe ski lease for 2012-13 season? View available ski leases at:

Ski leases are as low as $750 and up depending on duration, location and how many members. If you are looking for members to join your ski lease, list it on Snowpals to get it in front of thousands of SF Bay Area skiers and boarders for referrals! Check out our ski lease listing and our vacation rentals listing.

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