Tired of using Craigslist’s vacation rentals where your listing is a one of several hundreds? Having a difficult time getting bookings? Add your rental to Snowpals’ list of vacation rentals in Lake Tahoe and get it in front of thousands of SF Bay Area skiers and snowboarders and visitors to Tahoe looking to rent your vacation home. We’ll help bring referrals to you. SnowPals have been around since 1999 with over 7,115+ members and growing. From Jan 1 to Jan 28, 2016, Snowpals’ website received 11,585 unique visitors; view visitors stats.

Cost: $35 ad listing fee which runs until August 1, 2017, payable via Paypal. Advertising on SnowPals is a better value with a prime San Francisco Bay Area geographic target audience and an inexpensive alternative to VRBO(Vacation Rentals By Owner), AirBnB and other advertising services.



Benefits of listing on SnowPals:

  • We’ll build a page for your rental on the SnowPals website featuring your vacation rental with a photo slideshow and detailed description (like this one). Also, you’ll have a unique rental listing page link to share with people.
  • Your rental listing is accessible to 7,115+ SF Bay Area skiers and snowboarders on SnowPals and to new visitors. Oftentimes, members will also tell their friends as well increasing interest/referrals.
  • Your rental will be added to the SnowPals rentals directory, which gets thousands of visitors throughout the year.
  • SnowPals, founded in 1999, is the most visited Bay Area snow sports website with over 7,115+ active members, and consistently ranks on the first page of Google search results which draws new site visitors and referrals. Going on 17 years, we’ve grown into an active community with events, outings, a newsletter, a top ten Tahoe deals listing with contests, giveaways, promotions and useful Lake Tahoe information which attracts new visitors to our site.
  • Our partners have teamed up with us for good reason – we provide measurable referrals: Sports Basement, Liftopia, Kirkwood Mountain Resort, Bay Area Ski Bus, Teton Gravity Research, The California Sierra Club and Casa Tours. Snowpals have consistently delivered measurable results for our partners and as a result our partners have remained supportive year after year. We have also made ski lease organizers/owners who list with us happy because we provide quality referrals; most have renewed their listing yearly and have remained loyal to listing on Snowpals.
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Post on Snowpals, get inquiries!
Not convinced? See what Chris got when he posted his rental on Snowpals.

Sample of rental emails received from a Snowpals rental posting

“Snowpals is a far better resource than Craigslist or the local papers. For several years running I’ve managed to find excellent full season renters in a very short time and with minimal hassle. Thanks Snowpals!”
— Chris, Markleeville homeowner. Read more feedback from people who’ve advertised on Snowpals.