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Great Donner Lake Ski Lease near Tahoe

For the last 15 years we have run a ski lease in a wonderful house, in a great location, filled with good, fun people. Every year there is some turnover so we are looking for a few new members.

The House:

We have a really nice house (and equally nice hot-tub) with great views over Donner Lake and Peak. It has three bedrooms, a large loft set up as a bunk room, two renovated baths and two decks. The large living room has vaulted windows overlooking the lake and a high-end natural gas fireplace (no firewood hassle!).  There is also a large garage storage area for your gear, two big snow-plowed parking areas, a high-end natural gas BBQ (no propane tanks) and even an outdoor heat lamp. The house has WiFi with high-speed Internet access, phone with US long distance and HD cable feeding a big flat screen TV. The freshly updated kitchen has all the usual amenities such as a dishwasher and garbage disposal and includes dishware. There’s also a washer and dryer. Members always get beds.

The People:

We have a cool group of 30-40-something professionals from SF to the South Bay plus one or two from Sacramento. Uniquely its 6 guys + 6 gals for a way better atmosphere, while being a mix of singles and couples, boarders and skiers. While not an all-out family ski lease (ie no crying babies), two kids stay next door (which shares the garage, driveway and hot tub) and often visit and members do bring their skiing age kids up as guests. We are friendly and easy going and host at least one party each season. We encourage guests, we are social and have fun at the house and in town, but late nights at the house are held to a minimum on powder days. Everyone is respectful of you and your stuff, and is strongly encouraged to clean up after themselves. Members often carpool up and hit the hill together.

The Plan:

12 members may sound like a lot to some but the cabin actually has bed space for 14 (5 doubles and 4 singles) and its rare that more than 1/3 the members show up on any given weekend. More importantly we have a unique online reservation system that has proven to be very popular and successful at ensuring every member has fair access to the private rooms. Members that can get up during the week often get the place to themselves. Guests are welcome, as their fees pay the bills, but members always have bed priority. At this price you only need to get up there a couple weekends over 5 months to be cheaper (and less hassle) than Tahoe hotels at winter rates.

The Location:

The house is in a very convenient place, on Donner Lake Road, within a mile of I-80. From the Bay Area the location saves 30-45 min each way compared to Tahoe’s lake shore. Our road is usually the first plowed in a storm after the Interstate. The house is only a couple miles from Sugar Bowl and very convenient to Squaw, Alpine and Northstar, as well as Truckee town center. Since we’re west of Hwy 89 and Truckee downtown, you can escape traffic delays during those Sunday storm back-ups when going home.


December 1, 2016 to April 30, 2017


$1200 member lease fee

$200 refundable utility and damage deposit

The $50 per night Guest Fee pays the bills and in good years we have extra $$ at the end that is split between members.

No pets, smoking, ski resort employees or live-ins – though you can come up anytime you want for 5 months.



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