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We are a SF Bay Area family of four (myself, my husband, and our two boys ages almost 7 and 9 yrs) looking to form a Family Friendly ski house in Tahoe for the 2017-18 season. Our target location is on the North Shore – somewhere near Dollar Point or Kings Beach — so that the house is easily accessible to North Star, Squaw, Alpine, and Diamond Peak. (We have season passes to Diamond Peak.)

I organized ski cabins for many years in the past (for singles and couples – pre-kids) so I know how ski leases work, and I have some properties in mind, but we are looking to find a few other Tahoe-loving families to join in. Costs will likely be in the $3,000-$4,000 range per family – but I can give a better sense of final costs once I have a sense of how many families are interested.

My ski cabins in the past were a whole lot of fun by all involved. We’re hoping to re-create that now with our kids and some other families!

Location: North Shore Tahoe – accessible to North Star, Alpine/Squaw, and Diamond Peak.

$3,000-$4000 – tbd based on the final number of families in the ski lease

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