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$14k per family/person


Looking for just one other family interested in two rooms with queen size beds and their own bathroom for either the entire season from November 15th to April 15. If you would like to lease for the entire 5 month season, both rooms and a private bath are available for $14,000. This gives you unlimited access to house for the entire season with exclusive use of your bedrooms and bath along with shared access to the common areas of the house. Both families will have shared access to common areas including the loft area, kitchen, living room, dining area and garage. The loft area upstairs is great for the kids who can sleep together and have endless slumber parties!

This season we are trying to provide a fun but smaller shared living arrangement for families that ski a lot but also have some concerns keeping the kids and families healthy throughout the season. Utilities and end of season cleaning are not included and will be deducted out of a $3500 deposit with the balance returned, along with a detailed accounting, at the end of the season.

(If you would like to only lease for Nov 15 to Jan 3rd, we would consider leasing to one family for $7,000. And/or if you would like from Jan 4th to April 15th, we would also lease both rooms for only $7000 provided we can lease the balance during the high season to another family.)

Our two boys are 14 and 8 have skied in Squaw/Palisades Mighty Mites and race and this year my 8 you son will be in Might Mites. Mighty Mite race families would be nice, but not required, if you have a similar schedule (ie ski most weekends and out the door around 7.30am for team meet-ups). Most weekends Dad will be skiing and my 8 yo son will be in Mighty Mites at Squaw/Palisades. On holidays and other occasions, my wife will come up along with my 14 you son and/or my 18 yo daughter (who enjoys snowboarding).

Pet Policy: We love our dogs and would like to bring them up as well but unfortunately we are leasing the house for the winter season and the owner of the house does not allow pets.

Each room has a queen size bed and 4 twins in the loft.
Pictures are representative but place has been recently remodeled so should look even better.
4 car parking area on flat area and plowed regularly

COVID stuff
We will require everyone to have a vaccine if 12 yo or older and if it opens up for younger kids, then younger kids must also have vaccine. If you travel a lot or often outside the country, this may not be a good fit as we expect a spike in the winter and want to stay safe. Open to discuss other options as well.

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