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Ski lease dates & cost

Our lease this year starts on January 4, 2021 and runs through May 5, 2021.

The price for this year will be ~$2200 per person, plus a security deposit of ~$400 per person which we typically return at the end of the season. Guest Fees typically go towards utilities, and if there is any additional left over it will be divided evenly.

We do allow guests with a $50 guest fee, but will need to limit the number of people at any given time, so guests will have to be approved based upon the number of people planning to come up on any given weekend according to our sign up sheet.

House Info

The house is on the North Star Golf Course off 267, 5 minutes to downtown Truckee, 5 minutes to Northstar, and 25 minutes to Squaw/Alpine.
There is a hot tub, 3 car garage, boot warmers, updated appliances and bathrooms, 4 bedrooms including 3 queens and 1 bunk room. We are on a meadow so we expect there to be minimal shoveling necessary. We plan to have a cleaner come monthly, or more often if needed. We expect everyone to clean up after themselves and pitch in on Sundays in the common areas.

About us

We’re a group of skiers and a few snowboarders in our late 20’s and 30’s who mostly ski Squaw/Alpine on the weekends, but given the location of the house this year, a few of us have also grabbed Epic passes so will ski Northstar from time to time. We are a mix of professional types coming up from the Bay Area on the weekends. Although most people come up for the weekends, we also have a few people who are paying a bit more to be able to WFH for a week here and there during the month. We are open to 1-2 more people joining as a WFH person, depending on intended schedule. We have people of various skiing abilities, so you’ll always be able to find someone to get out skiing with. We are a fun group that shared a great lease last year. We like to ski hard/play hard, but expect that to be more subdued this year due to COVID.

We currently don’t have any children in the lease, and most folks are single, so this lease doesn’t make sense for a family. We are looking to fill our few open spots with guys as we are a bit girl heavy at the moment and want to even out the ratio.

We are COVID responsible, and plan to have folks test frequently to increase safety. However, we all recognize that a shared house during a pandemic poses additional risk, so you need to be ok with that if you are to join. We do not have a “closed bubble” policy the way some houses do. Rather, we are looking for people to be responsible, avoid coming up & test following high risk situations and/or illness. We all commute from the Bay Area and we carpool when possible if someone ever needs a ride.


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