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Only weekday ($1340) spots available. If you work weekends and love to ski, this is the perfect place for you! We have 6 other weekday-only members (a lot of nurses, and other folks on non normal schedules), so you’ll have other folks to ride with. 

Ski lease

We’re 10 minutes from Heavenly/30-40 mins from Kirkwood.

Duration of Lease
The lease runs for five months from December 1 to April 30

Beer and twice-monthly maid service is included, paid for by guest fees. Seriously.

Guest fees
You can bring as many guests as space and decency allow. Fees are:

  • $40 on weekend nights
  • $30 on weeknights

We are a fun-loving and responsible group of beer-loving skiers and boarders in our late 20s and early 30s, all of whom live in San Francisco or the East Bay. Some work in tech, and we also have people in education, medicine and real estate. We typically focus on skiing/riding, but that occasionally takes a back seat to having a good time at the cabin. Most people ride at Kirkwood, though some go to Heavenly or Sierra too.

Our house is awesome. It has:

  • An awesome location, right by the Tahoe Y. More specifically, one block from (1) a liquor store with a beer cave (2) a peanut bar (3) a sports bar (4) bunch of restaurants. Raley’s grocery store is also a couple blocks away.
  • A keggerator, always stocked with a keg
  • Four bedrooms, with 8 queen beds and 3 twins (2 in a bunk bed). Also, there’s an extra living room with an inflatable pull out.
  • A hot tub
  • A fire pit
  • A bocce court
  • BBQ
  • Garage parking for 2 cars, driveway parking for 4 cars.
  • A great kitchen, with two ovens, a stainless steel fridge and a five-burner stovetop
  • An L-shaped, granite bar
  • Bi-weekly maid service
  • New construction, built in 2006

House Photos: