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South Lake Tahoe / Meyers Ski Lease
We’re 10-15 minutes from Heavenly/30-40 mins from Kirkwood.

Duration of Lease
The lease runs for five months from December 1, 2019 to April 30, 2020.

Rates (There are no other fees, includes electric/gas):

Year Long (Yes we do this all year): $2200

Ski Lease (early): $1700

Ski Lease (standard): $1900

Couples (early bird spots): $2800

Couples (standard): $ 3000

Mid-Weekers: $900 (Only 6 spots)

Guest fees:

You can bring 1 guest at a time as space and decency allow. Fees are:

$40 on weekend nights

$30 on weeknights

Dog Friendly

Well trained dogs are welcome, we are located next to the national forest and the house is situated on a dead end road with almost no traffic. It is situated perfectly for your 4 legged friend.


We are a fun-loving and responsible group of skiers and boarders in our late 20s to late 30s, all of whom live in the Bay Area. Some work in tech, and we also have people in education, medicine and real estate. We typically focus on skiing/riding, but that occasionally takes a back seat to having a good time at the cabin. Most people ride at Kirkwood, though some go to Heavenly or ride the back country when conditions permit.

The House

– An awesome 1800 sq/ft house located in Mayers, next to the national forest
– Four bedrooms, with 6 queen beds and 1 twin (2 in a bunk bed). Also, there’s an extra living room with an inflatable pull out.
– A hot tub (we are having permit issues since we are right next to the national forest hopefully we have it all figured out this year.
– BBQ (nice during the spring time).
– Garage parking for 2 cars, driveway parking for ~4 cars.
– A great kitchen well stocked kitchen, nice oven, granite counter tops and a five-burner stovetop.
– Wood Burning stove in the living room
– Large Washer and Dryer
– Maid service as needed
– Stereo
– High Speed Internet
– Tv’s, cable, DVD/Blue ray

if interested.


The following are reviews/feedback from ski lease members who joined this ski lease group for the 2018-19 winter season:

Feedback from ..

(1) Elisabeth H.

>> Rate your overall ski lease experience 0-5 stars; 0 being terrible, 5 = stellar:


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The place is comfortable and well located. This lease accepts dogs which is rare so was awesome for me. The host Eric is nice but he did not “put the work in” to honor the contract I had signed:

– There were 19 tenants confirmed for this lease of which only very few were “week days only” so considering there were only 2 real bedrooms + 2 mezzanine rooms open to the lower level that could be noisy, it was much too crowded in the house on many occasions where the snow was good and most would join.

– There were many maintenance issues in the house that would take days if not more to get fixed

– There were no snow removal contract so we often had to shovel the driveway ourselves upon arrival late Friday nights, the stairs could not be used most of the season and all had to go through the garage, trash bags were accumulated in the already crowded garage because the outside bear-proof containers were also snowed in, cleaning was not always every 2 weeks as indicated originally, the promised hot tub was non-functioning the entire season

– To be adequately practical and comfortable, more furniture and equipment would be needed (shelves or dressers, nightstands, lamps, hooks in bathrooms and hallways, …). Also it was mostly singles or couples without kids. I had informed from before signing that I wanted to bring my children a couple of times as paying guests. Eric said it was fine but did not inform other tenants who did not like it and complained to him (regardless that my kids are 12 and 17 so not disruptive nor noisy !). Finally, it’s a dog paradise as it is a dead end road close to the forest. However you have to be careful of the non-dog owners who tend to forget to close doors and let dogs go out when you left for the slopes…

>> Would you recommend it?

If it remains this way, I would not recommend it. If Eric improves most of the too many small issues which are not each deal breakers but dozens added get quite frustrating, then I would say it would become a good deal.

>> If you’d like to contact Elisabeth to inquire more about her review, and we’ll put you in contact with her.

(2) Jen G.

Last year was pretty hard to stay on top of snow removal because it was an epic year for snowfall. Neither myself nor my husband ever had to shovel snow to park. Granted, we only come during the week after the weekenders were gone but there were many storms as we stayed at the ski lease.

As for the cleanliness of the ski lease, the house cleaner could have come more often but I never found the ski lease to be unpleasantly dirty. Everyone cleaned up after themselves and the bathrooms never grossed me out.

The key pad at the front door kept freezing but the garage opener always worked fine.

One last thing is that this ski lease is one of the more economical options out there, plus it allows dogs.

>> If you’d like to contact Jen to inquire more about her review, and we’ll put you in contact with her.

(3) Anthony R.

We realize it was a risk opting into a ski lease with strangers and frankly have moved on. I do hope that my review can be helpful to others in the future.

One thing: I would like to throw support behind Elizabeth. Thank goodness for her! She stood up for us and voiced what the tenants frequently spoke to one another privately. We were so glad she was unwilling to tolerate Eric serially taking advantage of all of us.

My short review:

My wife and I stayed in Eric’s ski lease last winter. We were very disappointed with our experience. The house was oversubscribed and frequently unclean. There are two bedrooms with doors on them and the rest is open hostel-style sleeping. No snow removal to speak of so we spent many hours shoveling the driveway to park our cars despite paying for snow removal as part of the contract. Eric is disorganized, a poor communicator, and there was constantly things broken or people locked out. He even rationed toilet paper! Overall would not recommend. Don’t make the same mistake we did.

>> If you’d like to contact Anthony to inquire more about his review, and we’ll put you in contact with him.

(4) Cheyenne K.

Rate your overall ski lease experience 0-5 stars; 0 being terrible, 5 = stellar

1-2 stars

>> review of your ski lease experience

Unfortunately, my experience with this ski lease was unpleasant. The heater was broken for the first two weekends that I stayed at the house, it was freezing and uncomfortable. The garbage disposal was also broken for quite a while as well. The jacuzzi was out of service for the entire season. The owner’s snow blower was also broken, making it necessary for guests to shovel out their own parking spaces or find their own overnight parking in South Lake Tahoe. Then hope that another guest was available to take an hour out of their night to shuttle them to and from the house.

>> Would you recommend it?

I definitely would not recommend this rental to anyone. The owner is a nice guy but he signed too many people onto the lease and did not prepare the home properly before the start of the season. Overall, the space felt overcrowded and the layout of the house made it difficult for anyone to get a good night sleep unless you were in one of the two bedrooms. Which was rare when you have a house of sometimes up to 14 people. With the amount of money that Eric was making from the renters he should have been able to get the house in better shape.

>> If you’d like to contact Cheyenne to inquire more about her review, and we’ll put you in contact with her.

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