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About Us
We are a group of mostly 30s bay area professionals excited to resort ski and snowboard at Kirkwood, and backcountry ski near Kirkwood this winter. We’re a pretty relaxed (and responsible) group, and a typical evening might involve nerding out about climate mitigation or other big issues over a group dinner. We have a couple spots open in our ski lease.

The House
We’ve rented a 4 bedroom house for the season that sleeps 8 (in beds, and has floor space for guests). It’s a pretty simple, rustic, comfortable house, the primary draw being it’s close location to Kirkwood. It has internet, washer/dryer, and dishwasher. Utilities are included in the price. Street parking, no garage, no hot tub.

Located on Fremont St in the Kirkwood area, we think the house is a 15 minute walk to Timber Creek chairlifts. The neighborhood is extremely quiet, even relative to Kirkwood as a whole. There is also a Kirkwood shuttle stop about a block from the house.

Jan 1 – Mar 31

$1250 for the season, reduced if we get enough guest fees. Utilities are included. There are 9 member spots total and 8 bed spots, so there will usually be a bed spot for members. Members get bed priority over guests.

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