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South Lake Tahoe Christmas Valley Ski Lease

We’re looking for 2 people to join our 9th year at this cabin in Christmas Valley in South Lake Tahoe. We’re a group of skiers and snowboarders in our 30s/40s who live and work in the Bay Area.

There will only be 8 members total with members always guaranteed a bed. Beds and rooms are rotated each week based on who’s coming to keep things as fair as possible. The membership fee includes utilities for the entire season with any extra refunded back to members.

The cabin is well run with policies in place RE scheduling, guests, etc. and has a pretty relaxed vibe. We like to cook dinner together and hang out, but we don’t party or stay up late. It has a beautiful view of the forest and river in the back, and is in a great location for going to Kirkwood or touring.

The lease includes many amenities including a sunken hot tub, fast wifi, flat parking, attached 2-car garage, plow service, and gas grill.

3 bedrooms (1 king, 1 queen, 4 twins)
2 full baths
Large deck with sunken hot tub
Gas grill
Mud room
2-car attached garage
Washer & dryer
Plow service
No pets
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Membership fee: $2,100 per person for the entire season. Lease dates: 1/5/2023-4/16/2023. 8 members total.


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