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Update: November 24, 2020 – please note, this ski lease has been filled. Browse available rentals.

We have room for one more person (or potentially a couple) only! We all have the Ikon pass, and all primarily ski Squaw/Alpine, so we’re looking for the same.

The members

We’re looking to have 12-13 people total this year, and our members check all the usual Bay Area stereotypes, mid 20s-30s, skiing/snowboarding/snollerblading/tech/med/grad/blah/blah, except we’re better looking than all the other leases. Many of us are friends outside of skiing as well, and we have expanded our friend group through new members over the years. Our ideal members are stoked about skiing, team players, and get along well with others. We’re all going to be seeing each other quite a bit this winter, so compatibility is important. You may be assigned brownie points based on GNAR viewings.

Several members have backcountry experience. While in a normal year skiing ability wouldn’t matter, due to the reduced size we have a slight preference for at least an advanced/moderate skiing ability so that you will have more friends to ski with.

COVID stuff: We have reduced the number of members this year, and are treating our house as a pod this year. We believe in testing early / testing often. We are only allowing guests that are in your pod anyways (ie, SOs and roommates). If you travel, see folks outside your pod, or engage in otherwise higher risk level activities, you will be expected to show a negative test before coming back to the house. As the whole country is expecting a spike this winter, it’s of particular importance to us that members remain committed to acting in good faith in the long term. While we love the shammy, we likely won’t be apres’ing much there this season…

The commute

We’re pretty much all located close to or in SF, except for one member in Sacramento. Carpooling is encouraged, as is 4wd if you’re driving!

The house

Our house is very conveniently located in the neighborhoods just south of Tahoe City (never have to deal with Truckee/Dollar Point traffic again!). The lease is from Dec-May which is an extra month compared to most leases (what are all these leases with no December skiing?). Our house sleeps 12, and members should be guaranteed a bed every weekend, though we have air mattresses for overflow. We do have a private hot tub. Contact me if interested and I can provide lots more information on the house.

The cost

The overall cost will be around $2000 for the season, which include a $300 deposit. More details on inquiry.


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