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Looking for a few couples / families to join our 2016-2017 ski lease from Jan 2 – May 9. This is a great 6BR, 4BA home in Tahoe Donner, Truckee. Cost is ~$2,500 / couple or family (or $1,250/person).

Most of our members are couples (a few with one child each, a few without) but singles are also welcome, so email or call me if interested.

Current members are all professionals in tech, finance, and other industries living in the Bay Area in our 30’s and 40’s. Of those confirmed for next year, three families have one child each, and the others do not have kids. We’re a fun, welcoming group that likes to have dinner and a few beers together after skiing, but this is not a party ski house.

We will have 8 families/couples total, which we’ve found means that everyone gets a room when they want to come up (there has never once been a time when we’ve all wanted to come up at the same time).

Most of us ski at Squaw, though a few have gone to Sugar Bowl in the past, and we’re extremely close to many other places, too – Northstar, Tahoe Donner, Alpine, etc. The house also has access to all of the amenities of the Tahoe Donner subdivision (workout classes, gym, and more).

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