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Page created on December 10, 2019.

Best in the Business: Our Affiliates and Partners

At SnowPals, we invite snow-sports businesses (world-wide) to join us as an affiliate to cross promote/share with San Francisco Bay Area and Lake Tahoe Area snow-sports consumers about what you do best: (1) services you offer, and/or (2) products you sell.

We strive to build stellar long-term business relationships with consumers; we strive to deliver great value and service to customers in order to build a genuinely loyal customer base; if this sounds like your business’ endeavor, please reach out to become an affiliate by submitting the form at the end of this page.

Our 2019/20 Affiliates List

South Bay


Apres’ Ski Club Lodge at Kings Beach (North Lake Tahoe): Join Apres ski and snowboard club based out of the Santa Clara, CA (South Bay) is a singles club for active adults residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. Website:

Lake Tahoe


Backcountry Ski Maps is the best all-in-one backcountry ski touring maps on the marketplace where you can find all the route information you need on one piece of paper or via digital format on your smartphone or laptop. Website:



SkiBuds: Find friends to ride with based on skill level making the skiing experience in Whistler, British Columbia more enjoyable. Website:

Our 2019/20 Partners List


If you’d like to partner with SnowPals, please reach out to for metrics and benefits of partnership.

What does becoming an affiliate entails? Send us a one sentence description detailing what you offer as a business, a URL link to your biz’s website and your business logo.

Please use the following sentence and logo to add SnowPals to your affiliates’ page (your business must have an affiliate page that you can easily include us on your page as well). We will in turn do likewise on this page, please contact (Monday to Friday, non-holidays, 9 AM to 5 PM) once you have added SnowPals to your business’ website. View a sample of what an affiliates’ page look like on SkiBuds’ website.


For Lake Tahoe ski trips, join – San Francisco Bay Area based snow-sports club for busy professionals, since 1999.

Become an Affiliate

Submit this form to become a SnowPals affiliate,
  • Send us a one sentence description detailing what you offer as a business.

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Silicon Valley 3rd Annual Film Festival

Silicon Valley Film Festival 2012 . This is the 3rd annual festival hosted by Silicon Valley Waves, Intel, South Bay Area Cities, Companies, Organizations, and Geek Communities of Silicon Valley and around the World.

Silicon Valley originated many technologies and innovations that have changed the lifestyle of mankind in last 30 years. And it continues everyday with new start-ups with vision for ‘Tomorrow’s World’. Silicon Valley truly is the birth place of Digital Film Making and Digital Media including the big 4 A’s (Adobe, Apple, Avid, Auto Desk). In the heart of Silicon Valley, the Hi-Tech community is celebrating the Spirit of Silicon Valley: Technology, Innovations and Entrepreneurship in the most powerful visual media – Digital Film-making at Silicon Valley Film Festival by screening films from emerging and independent filmmakers around the world.

Mark your calendar and purchase discounted tickets to attend(see below); the film fest spans four days, from Wednesday, October 31, 2012 (starts at 6:00 PM) until Sunday, November 4, 2012(concludes with the 7:00 PM (PDT) showing).

Films will show for four days at two locations:

1) Santa Clara Convention Center(SCCC) 5001 Great America Pkwy., Santa Clara, CA 95054 


2) at the Intel SC12 Theater, Intel Corporation 3600 Juliette Ln Santa Clara, CA 95054, Building: SC12

Film dates, showtimes and locations:

OCT 31 : WED – film: Uprising shows at 6 PM at SCCC
NOV 1 : THU films shows at the SCCC 6 PM – 8 PM (2 hrs)
NOV 3 : SAT shows at INTEL 11 AM – 7 PM (6hrs (8 ))
NOV 4 : SUN shows at INTEL 11 AM – 7 PM (6hrs (8 ))

Find film schedule, showtimes and movie trailer highlights at

Film Fest Tickets Giveaway:

We’re giving away 10 free ALL SHOW PASS(includes all film showings, multiple day pass, a $35 value)

If you’d like to win a free pass, tell us on Snowpals’ facebook page which film(s) you’d like to watch and by 5 pm today, October 31, 2012, we’ll give 10 passes away to ten lucky folks.

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Tremendous appreciation and thanks goes out to the movie and film makers who submitted their original artistic work to the third annual Silicon Valley Film Festival.

The SVFF judges hand picked the best films to showcase during the four days of the festival.

Join Silicon Valley’s Innovative Community to watch life changing, motivating movies that have had or is currently shaping our lives.

Outstanding Entrepreneurial Films in the Spotlight:

+ Crocodile in the Yangtze (The amazing story of Jack Ma building vs Ebay – A must see for every tech entrepreneur to re-energize their spirit and belief, this is not another ‘Social Network’.

“Crocodile in the Yangtze follows China’s first Internet entrepreneur and former English teacher, Jack Ma, as he battles US giant eBay on the way to building China’s first global Internet company, Alibaba Group. An independent memoir written, directed and produced by an American who worked in Ma’s comany for eight years, Crocodile in the Yangtze captures the emotional ups and downs of life in a Chinese Internet startup at a time when the Internet brought China face-to-face with the West.
Crocodile in the Yangtze draws on 200 hours of archival footage filmed by over 35 sources between 1995 and 2009. The film presents a strikingly candid portrait of Ma and his company, told from the point of view of an “”American fly on a Chinese wall”” who witnessed the successes and the mistakes Alibaba encountered as it grew from a small apartment into a global company employing more than 16,000 staff.”


+ Uprising (The Facebook revolution that changed a whole Country of Egypt – A must see what Social Network is really worth and see how it impacts our lives).

UPRISING tells the inside story of the Egyptian revolution from the perspective of its principal leaders and organizers. Featuring major figures including four Nobel Peace Prize nominees, several Egyptian presidential candidates, the former foreign ministers of Egypt and Jordan, and former US Ambassadors and White House officials, along with never before seen footage, UPRISING provides the authoritative behind-the scenes view of one of the most dramatic events of our generation.


+ Traveling Salesman ( An algorithm that could solve itself; does one exists?). Travelling Salesman is an intellectual thriller about four mathematicians hired by the U.S. government to solve the most elusive and powerful problem in computer science history — P VS. NP. The four have jointly created a “system” which could be the next major advancement for our civilization or destroy the fabric of humanity.

And about 35 other outstanding films. Find film schedule, showtimes and movie trailer highlights at

Discounted film tickets:

Questions? rep.

Ticketing is also available at

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