Saturday Feb 15 Singles Sierra-at-Tahoe Ski Bus Trip



When: Saturday February 15, 2020

Booking Deadline: February 14, 2020 at 11:59 P.M. PST

Book or gift a Tahoe ski trip to ski/ride with SF Bay Area Singles at Sierra-at-Tahoe


This is an exclusive singles ski bus trip; a great opportunity to meet Bay Area professionals who are single and who likes to ski and snowboard.

Bus seat capacity is limited to 52; book early to reserve your seat(s).


Sierra-at-Tahoe offers a fun mix of various terrain from beginner to advanced slopes to enjoy.

We’ll help you connect with skiers and snowboarders who ski, snowboard at your level to make the
experience more fun; just let us know your skill level if you’d like to opt in to ski with a few others
(group size of 3-4 people).

At the resort, once we have gotten our gear from the bus’ compartments, the ski rep will help ski groups
meetup based on their color: green for beginners, blue for intermediates, and black for advanced.
Gather at the designated spot next to the bus if you’d like to ski/ride in a small group.

Après-ski Party Inclusive of Trip Pricing:

Enjoy Homemade Hot Chili
Salty and sweet snacks
Soda and non-alcoholic drinks

About Sierra-at-Tahoe

“Since its inception in 1946, Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort has grown into its role as one of Lake Tahoe’s
largest resort areas. Sierra-at-Tahoe features 14 chairlifts that access 2,212 vertical feet, 2,000 acres, 47 trails, innovative progressive terrain parks and plenty of steeps, groomers and backcountry terrain for you to enjoy. The resort also provides five backcountry access gates into Huckleberry Canyon. The resort provides a wide range of restaurants, shops, bars and more.

Sierra-at-Tahoe’s annual average snowfall total is 400+ inches directly from Mother Nature. Snowfall is measured from the first snow storm until closing day. View Trail Map.

Where is Sierra-at-Tahoe located?

Located in the Eldorado National Forest, Sierra-at-Tahoe is about 181 miles from San Francisco.

The drive to the resort offers you the opportunity for many beautiful sites, including mountain
ranges, rivers and the largest alpine lake in North America.” –


Bus Only (No Lift Ticket) $79.00
Bus + Adult Lift Ticket (21+) $185.00

Price includes:

Round Trip bus transportation
Continental breakfast (bagels & cream cheese, yogurt, juice and water),
Take away snacks for on-slope enjoyment (energy bar, water, Red Bull drink)

* Sierra-at-Tahoe lift ticket window pricing is $125, our trip is a great value, + $60 gives you round-trip transportation (let a professional driver take you to Tahoe, no putting on tire chains, no driving so you can save your energy to enjoy a full day of skiing and riding) and all of the above food, drinks and Après-ski Party included in the pricing.

Additional add-on options:

– Beginner SKI Package (2.5 hr lesson, rental and limited lift ticket Ages 13+) — $45.00 add’l
– Beginner SNOWBOARD Package (2.5 hr lesson, rental and limited lift ticket Ages 13+) — $45.00 add’l
– INT SKI Package (All Mtn Ticket, 2.5hr lesson and all day rental Ages 13+) — $75.00 add’l
– INT SNOW Package (All Mtn Ticket, 2.5hr lesson and all day rental Ages 13+) — $75.00 add’l
– Ski Rental (Bus, Lift ticket & Ski rentals) — $55.00 add’l
– Snowboard Rental (Bus, Lift ticket & Rental) — $55.00 add’l

To Book/Reserve Seat(s):

(1) Sign in to Tahoe Ski Trips (TST) if you already have an account.

New to Tahoe Ski Trips? Create a Tahoe Ski Trips account to book.

(2) After signing in or after you have created your new account, click here to go to the booking page to finalize your booking.

Interested in booking this trip as a gift or buy a gift certificate? .

Typical Pick-up and Drop-off Times | Tahoe Ski Trips Time Schedule (be sure to check your booking confirmation email for exact directions):

4:00am to 5:00am – Board the bus (time varies depending on your pick up location); sleep until 7:30am.
7:30am – Continental breakfast
8:30am – Arrive at Sierra-at-Tahoe
9:00am to 4:00pm – Enjoy a full day of skiing or snowboarding
4:30pm – Depart from Sierra-at-Tahoe (watch movies on the return trip)
8:30pm – Return to the Bay Area; return times are approximately 8:00pm in San Francisco to 9:00pm in San Jose.

Three Pick-up Locations to Choose From:

(1) San Jose Park n Ride

(2) Foster City Park n Ride

(3) San Francisco 1415 16TH ST & Carolina

Who is the ski bus trip operator/company?

Tahoe Ski Trips (formerly Bay Area Ski Bus) is a tour & event management company that specializes in coordinating ski & adventure tours, senior graduation trips and guided wildlife tours.

Tahoe Ski Trips

‘TST (Tahoe Ski Trips) opened its doors in 1996 as Bay Area Ski Bus and today runs over 500 trips & tours per year! Management has over 40 years of combined experience producing tours and events ranging from skiing, to golf trips, wine trips and out of state adventures! Operating with integrity and a commitment to quality, TST contracts with the finest transportation companies and recreation outfitters with fantastic reputations and safety records. We focus on the details, while you focus on having fun! Our quality and service is unmatched!’ –

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Saving the Planet One Rider At A Time


By Vicki Olds, aka Shibumi – “Snowpals Reporter At-Large”

SnowPals is making a difference; saving our planet and particularly the Lake Tahoe Basin, one ride-share at a time.

“Did you know there are 1 billion cars in the world?  Unfortunately, we’re set to double this in the next 10 years.  Each shared car takes 13 cars off the road (on average).  You can make a difference by sharing a car.”  —

Since 1999, SnowPals members have ride-shared from the Bay Area to Lake Tahoe and back at least 5,100* times (this is a conservative estimate*).  For an average 400-mile round-trip to/from Tahoe in a vehicle that gets 28 miles per gallon average highway miles will burn 14.3 gallons of gas.  A gallon of gasoline burned releases 20 pounds of CO2 into the air.  By carpooling, each rider, in addition to the driver, represents 14.3 gallons of gasoline saved from being burned — or 286 pounds of carbon dioxide per round trip!

“Let’s break down how CO2 is produced: a gallon of gasoline weighs about 6 pounds. Roughly 90% of that mass is carbon or about 5.5 pounds.  When that carbon is burned one atom of carbon, C, combines with two molecules of oxygen, O2, to form carbon dioxide, CO2.  One molecule of CO2 weighs about 3.5 times as much as an atom of carbon, so that 5.5 pounds of carbon burned results in about 20 pounds of CO2.”

— U.S. Energy Information Administration,

High Five yourself, SnowPals’ rideshare participants.  Together we have saved the planet from 1,458,600 pounds of carbon dioxide pollutants!

To calculate how much carbon pollution you contribute to the planet, annually, use the energy calculators at Infinite Power (gee, those Texans are really serious about oil):

Plus, think about how much you have saved in gasoline expenses by offering to share your vehicle with a snow rider or two.  At 5,100 SnowPal ride-shares, times 14.3 gallons, times the price of a gallon of gas … that’s no small change.  In fact, that would be $218,790 in total per snow season that did not go to Big Oil if you had paid $3/gallon at the pump.

And, how many of us have made friends along the way?  Or shared a meal and a drink, or two, after the slopes … That’s the non-tangible perks of ridesharing so we at SnowPals encourage you to rideshare / carpool to and from Lake Tahoe resorts as much as possible and to forward this piece to folks you know who goes to Tahoe often but mostly drive solo – advance thanks in helping us preserve our natural environment for ourselves and for generations to come.

* Median of 15 ride-shares/wk; with New Snow this shoots up to 30-35 ride-shares/week.  We’re saying that at least 4x/season when there’s a surge of snow riders looking for new snow.

Help keep our planet green, save money and expand your circle of friends by joining SnowPals to ride share to Tahoe area ski resorts and snow destinations beyond (SnowPals members’ in past years joined forces and resources to organize ski and snowboard trips via carpooling/ride sharing to Colorado, Utah and even British Columbia ski resorts).

Are you a local business? Please consider partnering with us to help increase awareness of SnowPals’ rideshare / carpool to help people pool resources to drive together to and from Lake Tahoe.

SnowPals’ mission is to enable SF Bay Area residents to pool resources to ride share/carpool to Tahoe resorts to reduce impact to our environment. We kick off the ski season with annual Kickoff Parties around the SF Bay Area.

We invite businesses to partner with us to help bring awareness to our ride-sharing offerings, and to encourage people who might otherwise drive solo to use our services to make new friends and to reduce their carbon footprint.

Individually we each can make slight carbon footprint reductions, and together we can make significant reductions that will help preserve our natural environment. Please consider partnering with SnowPals and we can also help local businesses with its marketing exposure.

For more about our ride-share program, please see:

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