How do I join?

Unlike traditional ski and snowboard clubs with yearly recurring membership fees, join SnowPals community for a one time fee of $20.

After you have submitted your SnowPals membership form, please send payment so we can process your application.

(1) Please choose from the following payment options:

– If using – please send payment to our registered username: 


– If using

Send payment to:


– Or get $5 promotional bonus when you sign-up and use Cash App

Use Cash App to send money for free. Enter the promo code LFQNXCS when you sign up and you’ll get $5 promotional bonus when you try it:

Alternatively, download in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store on your smartphone: search for “Cash App”

Once the one time $20 membership payment have been received, we’ll send you an invite to SnowPals’ members forum. Please allow up to 24 hours turn-around (Monday to Friday, excluding holidays) for invites to be sent, but oftentimes, you’ll get the invite sooner.

If you did not received your membership invite after 24 hours, .

SnowPals’ members range from newbies to experts in snow sports. Members ages vary from 18 to well into the 70s (single people and married and separated couples with and without kids).

Membership Refund Policy:

Your membership is transferable to another person within 14 days; however there are no refunds.