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Volunteer as a National Ski Patroller

Training, commitments, and perks..

This blog article was written by Rick Bulan who’s a 10 year veteran ski patroller at Sierra at Tahoe Mountain Resort

Did you know that if you ski or snowboard on the weekends, most of the ski and snowboard patrollers you see are volunteers?

Most resorts have a small paid “pro patrol” and utilize volunteers on the

To become a ski/snowboard patroller you need:

1) “Ski Check” at the resort you are interested in (to verify you can ski/ride every run on the
2) Outdoor Emergency Care class (80 hours)
3) CPR for health care professionals (AHA approved)
4) Candidate season at the resort to learn locations, equipment, and radio protocols
You will have to commitment to:
1) $98 NSP annual membership
2) 2 days of off-season skills refresher
3) 14 workdays at your resort

Some of the perks you will receive:

1) Discounts from ski and snowboard companies
2) Season passes from your resort

Why do I do it?

What does your typical ski day look like?

Do you do laps, eat, do more laps, then go home?

Now imagine your ski day getting first tracks in the morning, being able to help others, going
straight to the front of the line, getting deep discounts on food, accessing restricted areas of the resort,
hanging out in the patrol room at the top of the mountain with your fellow patrollers, and being the last
person on a previously busy run at the end of the day as the sun goes watching the alpenglow of last sunlight are memories that never get old. If you enjoy adding to your skiing, first aid and Avy skill-set and like to help people, consider joining.

Author: Rick Bulan
Contact Rick at im [@] if you still have questions after checking out and

Upcoming Event

Attend our meetup event to learn the ins and outs of volunteering with the National Ski Patrol in Berkeley; here’s your chance to ask veteran ski patrollers why they like what they do and get the 411 on the pros and cons of volunteering, the perks of getting freshies first tracks while helping to keep skiers, snowboarders safe at the resort.

Know of family or friends who would be interested? . Thanks!

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