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This ski lease is full.

Kirkwood Ski Lease Share 2021/22. The lease dates are from Kirkwood opening to closing. We are looking for weekday only and full time members $1600-$2242/person and $200 refundable deposit.

This ski lease is full.

One cabin in North Shore and one in the south shore and two great ski groups! Our club has organized ski share cabins for over 10 years, and we have the best locations walk to heavenly, and short drives to Northstar/Alpine.. and of course hot tubs and saunas. Cost? $1395 – $1595 per person for the winter season depending on how early you sign up.

This ski lease is full.

2020/21 Winter South Lake Tahoe Modified Ski Lease on Pioneer Trail, southwesterly of Heavenly Ski resort surrounded by the 80′ pines of St. Catherine’s Wood, luxury awaits you in a stunningly beautiful 2 master suites 2.5 baths, diminutive yet dramatic Lodge house complete with 3 gas fireplaces, rain shower, marble baths, kitchen on site laundry and more. See pricing details in the listing description.